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Always In Love With You

My love is true oh sweetheart It’s truly true nothing more in life Could I ever say to you I’m truly In Love with you the only woman I could truly ever love is you forever Inside my heart you shall be I’m truly happy with you I’m in love with no other Women only you I love You oh sweetheart forever I shall always be truly In Love with you. Copyright to David P Carroll Under... »

In Love With You

I’m in love with you Sweetheart I truly am In Love my heart truly loves You always forever my sweetheart I shall always be truly deeply In Love with you. Copyright David P Carroll Court of law in Dublin. »


There’s truly nothing I could ever say to you In life than I truly love you. Copyright to David P Carroll In a Dublin court of law. »


Together As I lay in bed your head upon my chest our hearts beating together in perfect harmony my fingers run through your golden blonde hair I hold you tightly and kiss your neck passionately our hearts in a place of perfect love together as I take your hands I cuddle you softly and whisper into your ear your truly beautiful forever your heart shall beat inside my heart forever my loving sweethe... »

Happy Together

Happy Together. As I slowly wake To the bright shining sun My heart smiles Happily seen the girl I truly love loving Forever with you Is a magical moment Forever inside my heart Loving you forever I shall always do as I Take your hands I look Into your blue eyes I whisper I Love You. Copyright to David P Carroll Signed in a Dublin court of law »