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A B C D E F G” stands for:

Do u know what “A B C D E F G” stands for?

‘A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl’


Now reverse the order can u guess the full form of ”G F E D C B A”?

Girls Forgets Everything Done and Catches(new) Boy Again.


Husband texts wife:


Husband texts his wife late night,

“I will be late, please try and wash my dirty clothes and make sure you prepare my favorite dish before I return.”


A moment later he sent another text,

“And I forgot to tell you, I got a raise in my salary at the end of this month I am getting you a new car”


She texts back, “Really?”


Husband replied,

“No! Just making sure you got my first message”


Don’t copy if you can’t paste:


A famous inspirational speaker said:

Best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman, who wasn’t my wife

Audience was completely silence,

He added: “she was my mother

A big round of applause and laughter,..


Husband tried to crack this at home. After a dinner he said loudly to his wife in the kitchen:

Best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman, who wasn’t my wife

Stopped for a moment trying to recall the second line of the speaker by the time he came to his senses, he was on a hospital, recovering from burns of boiling water!

Moral: Don’t copy if u can’t paste!

Who is Lecturer:


Teacher(to Student): Can you define who is Lecturer?


Student: A Lecturer is a person who has stupid habit of speaking when someone is sleeping.

BITCH stands for:


You are a “BITCH








Are u smiling right now?





Elephant and Mercedes:


What happens when an Elephant sits on the Mercedes…..?






Well, everyone knows

“The Mercedes bends” 😉

Air And Student:


Air and students have same habit

Which one?







They both turn book pages without reading them. 😀

Before And After Marriage:


Before Marriage:-


He: Yes! At last it was so hard 2 wait.

She: Do you want me to leave?

He: No! Don’t even think about it.

She: Do you love me?

He: Of course! Over and over, …

She: Have you ever cheated on me?

He: No! Why are you even asking!

She: Will you go on with me on picnic?

He: Every chance I get!

She: will you hit me?

He: Are you crazy? I’m not that kind of person!

She: can I trust u?

He: yes!!!

She: Darling!


After marriage…

Now simply read this message from bottom to top

Boy And Girl:


Boy: I Love You…

Girl: Hahaha


Boy: I won’t live without you..

Girl: Hahahahaha


Boy: I will die for you..

Girl: Hahahahahaha


Boy: I will gift you a diamond Ring..

Girl: Promise?




Boy: Hahahahahhahahahahahaha 😀

Advices For Married People:


Two wise advises for married people:


Never laugh at your wife’s choices ( You are one of them.. )


Never be proud of your choices ( Your wife is one of them… )


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